If this is your first time participating in these Active Engagement questions. Please read more about them here.

In the prompt, What would you do with a $1 Billion, I asked you how you would spend a $1 billion after you already gave some to charity.

But, what if you wanted to start our own charity!? That is great new! Money can do a lot of good in the right hands. Tell me about this charity you want to start. You don’t have to know how to run a charity. Just imagine what your charity would do and why.

How would you use $1 billion on charitable donations or at your own charity?

Feel free to leave anything out you don’t want public. You might not want to give away that perfect name. Don’t get distracted by the details of how it works. Just force on the vision. Dream without limits.

  • What does the charity do?
  • Why is the issue or cause important to you, why this issues over other issues? (We all have a special cause on our hearts)?
  • Why and How would the world be better because of your charity?
  • Does this charity bring glory to God? Is so, please describe.

Don’t let the last one trip you up. God wants you to be blessed. One of the reasons God blesses you is so you can be a blessing. (Genesis 18:18)

For example

You might start a group that helps small villages in remote areas with clear water and solar energy. The group could start a school to teach them new skills. Help them learn so they have the tools and recourses they need to prosper. Then one day they can help others do the same.

Reasons why to start the group

Giving someone charity only help them temporarily (which is good). But they become depended on you. And if the wrong person has the power, then it will only hurt those people. But teach them, and they have the tools to get out of poverty.

Some questions will only get in the way of your dreaming big. Your job is to believe God, so dream as big as you can. God’s job is the “How”, so let God work out the details.

Example of things not to consider

  • What about the laws of that nation?
  • What if others come in a steal and destroy what you have done?
  • What if there are people that stay this will never work and try to stop us?

Last thoughts

Can you find any scriptures or promises in the bible about this charity and what it does? If so, write them down. Then you will have scripture to stand on if you choose to believe God for this charity.

I look forward to reading your entries if you choose to share them. Remember my suggestion regarding posting.

  • Be encouraging, and supporting
  • Walk in Agape-love
  • Used wisdom when sharing and responding to others
  • Note your modifications to the prompt
  • Post a link instead of the full text

Have Fun! Be Creative!


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