If this is your first time participating in these Active Engagement questions. Please read more about them here.

Do you enjoy watching superhero movies or series? Or ever pretended to have a superpower? Have you ever wished for a special gift?

Did you know that God gave us the Holy Spirit? And spiritual gifts? (verses) They are not like the superpowers we are accustomed to in our favorite stories. God has given us supernatural abilities. You need to learn how to access them and use them. Read more about that here. [Coming soon…]

If you could have any abilities or powers what would they be? And why?

I want you to envision having the superpowers you always wanted? Dream a little. Take time to think this out. Below is a list of ideas and questions to get you started. Allow the questions to inspire your entry. Don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines.

Have fun! Be creative!

Questions to Consider?

  • What abilities do you want?
  • Why did you choose these abilities?
  • Do they reflect your personality? How?
  • Do these abilities reflect a desire you have?
  • Do they compensate for something you lack?
  • How would you use your abilities?
  • How would you use your abilities for God?
  • How should you not use your abilities?
  • Will you tell others about your abilities? Why or why not?
  • What powers should no one have?
  • What does the Word of God say about how to use these abilities. Or the abilities themselves.

Things to consider

  • Try to limit them to about 3. Or not.
  • What are the limitations of your abilities?
  • What out of box ways can your abilities be used?
  • Maybe you can use your abilities to help the superheroes back at HQ. (Headquarters)
  • You don’t have to use your abilities as a superhero.
    • Use your abilities to make your job easier
    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Create houses or physical items (like 3-D printing)
    • A therapist could go into the mind of her patients to reveal things to them (With their permission)
  • Would you respect people’s privacy with your abilities? X-ray vision? Mind reading?

Optional choices

Write a story with these abilities answering the same questions above and below

Should people be allowed to have superpowers?

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!”

  • What laws should the government have for superpowered people?
  • Should we use our abilities to save and right wrongs, even if it interferes with the sovereignty of another nation.
    • If you have teleportation should you break people out of jail in other nations for laws that are not crimes in your nation? Like speech laws, or Preaching Jesus is Lord.
    • Would you take out dictators that are hurting their people?
  • How should we be allowed to use our abilities?
    • Freely, if we are not hurting people.
    • What reasonable limitations or laws should be placed on the use of these abilities
    • Should teleporters be allowed to teleport anywhere in public? At any time?
    • What limits should be on those that can fly?
    • What limits should be on those that can control computers with their minds?
    • What limits should be on those that can move objects with their minds?
    • What limits should be on those that can read minds?
    • What limits should be on those that transform and change objects?
      • Turning Lead into Gold
  • Should we be held accountable for how we use our abilities? To what degree? By who? To others who also have abilities?
  • Can we only save people if we been authorized?
    • No breaking into a foreign country to save a child (that country) is holding hostage?
  • What about this issue of who is the judge, jury, and executioner (One that enforces the law, renders justice, or one who executes the law)

Write a reflection entry about how your abilities reflects on you, and your personality.

  • What do they say about you?
  • What is God trying to say to you?
  • Are your abilities revealing that you need to trust God with something? If so, what is it?
  • Is there anything you need to give over to God? If so, what is it?
  • Is it revealing a character flaw?
  • Are they revealing a hidden desire or dream God has placed in your heart?

I look forward to reading your entries if you choose to share them. Remember my suggestion regarding posting.

  • Be encouraging, and supporting
  • Walk in Agape-love
  • Used wisdom when sharing and responding to others
  • Note your modifications to the prompt
  • Post a link instead of the full text

Have Fun! Be Creative!


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1 Comment »

  1. Um I’d actually like to have as many powers as possible. And like different fingers would control different things. So first off I’d probably be something relating to my youtube account. So my name would be something like bluejolt or something. And the powers I’d have are as follows:
    1:fire coming from from my left index
    2:ice coming from my left middle finger
    3:metal from my left ring
    4:and finaly air for my left pinkie
    5:and for my right finger set it’s ice
    6:middle is the ability to turn my entire body into lava slash magma depending on what I need it for
    That’s all I can think of for my fingers
    8:flippers and gills with the ability to breath on both land and water
    9:super intelligence
    10:2 extra arms “I know this isn’t really considered a power but I just think having 4 arms is badass
    And another thinf that isn’t a power but I feel would help is being incredibly rich.


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