Did you know your healing is a done deal? Jesus died on the Cross for your healing. Read the pray agreement below, and download it if you want.

Pray of Agreement for Healing.PDG

Prayer of Agreement: Healing

I come to you Father, in the name of Jesus, our Lord, and Savior, in a prayer of agreement regarding __________________.

I believe you will honor your Word (Numbers 23:19). You said in your Word that you are watching to make sure your word is performed and that it will not come back void. (Isaiah 55.11, Jeremiah 1:12)

Your Word says that healing belongs to us. Your word is healing to our body. (Proverbs 4:20-23). As a child of God, I’m taking authority over all sickness and disease (and the entire curse) concerning __________________. I bind and cast out all sickness and diseases in the Name of Jesus.

Sickness is part of the curse which your Son has died for. Jesus died for our healing. In your Word, You said, He was made to be a curse for us (Galatians 3:13-14). That He took the curse (and everything under it) onto Himself at the cross. We are free from having to be sick. Healing is for us!

You said, that you are not a respecter of man, so what you do for one you will do for others (Acts 10:34, 2 Corinthians 1:20). In your Word, You healed everyone that came to you, even a Gentile’s daughter. (Matthew 15:21-28, Acts 5:16, Acts 10:38). I am confidence that __________________ (is/are) completely healed. IT IS FINISHED!!!

I will not agree with what the doctors say; I will not agree with what the symptoms of his/her/my body’s say; I will not agree with what Satan says. I choose to believe Your Word. And Your Word says healing is for us (me)—we are already healed. (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 118:17, Isaiah 41:10, Isaiah 53:5, 3 John 1:2, 1 Peter 2:24)

In the Name of Jesus, I believe that __________________ was already healed 2000 years ago, (Exodus 12:3-11, Isaiah 53.4-5, Matthew 8:17, 1 Corinthians 11:23-30, 1 Peter 2:24). I take (receive) his/her/my healing (on behalf of _________________.)

(He/She is) / (I am) healed. It is finished! I thank you, Lord Jesus, for his/her/my healing. Thank you for dying for us and providing us with everything thing: Life, health, prosperity, personal relationship with You and the Father. You are number one in our hearts.

Now, I bind you Satan in the Name of Jesus and cast you into the sea. (Matthew 16:17-19, Matthew 18:18-20) __________________ does not belong to you. And I take my authority over you, in the Name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, Amen (So be it!)


I join in and agree with this Prayer of Agreement:

__________________            __________________            __________________

__________________            __________________            __________________

__________________            __________________            __________________

__________________            __________________            __________________


Use this Prayer of Agreement for any type of illness or deficit. If it is not under the Blessing, then it is under the curse (Deuteronomy 28:15-68). You have a right to be healed. God’s Word is spiritual law. Healing is for you!

God sent Jesus to die, not just for you to go to Heaven someday (if fact, you are there now), but to be redeemed you from the full curse of the law, right now, in this day and age.

God’s will is for you to be healed. Don’t say, “If it be your will” (James 1:8). It is his will! Jesus healed everyone that came to him. If God promised it, it is for you. (2 Corinthians 1:20).

Take the time to look up all the verses and meditate on them. Read them in different versions. Bible Gateway has many Bible translations. Use them. Then, spend time with the Holy Spirit thinking them over.

Finally, take communion when you are ready.

Healing Scriptures

Exodus 15:26
Exodus 23:25-26
Deuteronomy 7:14-15
Deuteronomy 30:19-20
1 Kings 8:56
Psalm 91:9-10
Psalm 91:14-16
Psalm 103:1-5
Psalm 107:17
Psalm 107:19-21
Psalm 118:17
Proverbs 4:20-24
Isaiah 41:10
Isaiah 53:4-5
Jeremiah 1:12
Jeremiah 17:14
Jeremiah 29:11
Jeremiah 30:17
Joel 3:10
Nahum 1:9
Matthew 8:2-3
Matthew 8:16-17
Matthew 18:18-19
Matthew 21:21-22
Mark 10:27
Mark 11:22-24
Mark 16:14-18
Luke 1:69-79
Luke 6:19
Luke 9:2
Luke 13:10-17
Acts 5:16
Acts 10:38
Romans 4:16-21
Romans 8:2
Romans 8:11
2 Corinthians 4:18
2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Galatians 3:13-14
Galatians 3:29
Ephesians 6:10-17
Philippians 2:13
Philippians 4:6-7
2 Timothy 1:7
Hebrews 10:23
Hebrews 10:35-36
Hebrews 11:11
Hebrews 13:8
James 4:7
James 5:14-16
1 Peter 2:24
1 John 3:21-22
1 John 5:14-15
3 John 1:2
Revelation 12:11

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