Your Imagination is a very important gift that God has given you. It allows you to have vision to see things your natural eye cannot see.

Early in 2018, when I was asking God to help me build this website, God gave me this term: Active Engagement. I wanted to interact with my readers. And I wanted my readers to interact with me. Then, in early July, God gave me the idea of asking my readers Active Engagement Prompts. A few weeks later, my first prompt expanded from the simple prompt that I first imagine.

These prompts are meant to help you to actively engage your imagination to think creatively. To think outside the box. To think in new ways, and in different ways. To have fun thinking and explore ideas and concept.

I wanted you to have the freedom to expand beyond the original prompt. Or to modify the prompt. Or allow the prompt to inspire ideas for a new prompt. I want these prompts to stretch your imagination as far as they can.

If you like to share your entry (or your response) or comment on someone else entry, please read below for the guidelines.

Things to consider when responding to the prompts

Some of the prompts may have overlapping ideas. That is okay. You could expand on a previous entry with a different angle or direction.

  • Feel free to change any part of the prompt you want
  • Combined prompts to make a new one
  • Write as much or little as you want
  • Feel free to change names, dates, or anything else to protect your privacy
  • Do not feel obligated to post your response
  • Do not feel obligated to do all the prompts
  • Some prompts may not interest you.
  • There is no due date. Work on any prompt for as long as you want
  • Take time to think out the question. Use your imagination. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Spend time with God
  • Asked God how to answer the prompt
  • Work with God, and share your entries with him, if you want. I know He would enjoy that very much.
  • Consider a video response or collage of caption pictures
  • Feel free to add pictures and other elements to your entry
  • Have Fun! Be Creative!

Posting Your entry:

Please only post a link to your response. It can be a link from a cloud service like Dropbox, or Google Drive. Or from your favorite social network like Facebook.

Plus, posting a link will allow you to edit and deleted your entry.

Sharing your entry:

Even if you don’t share your entry. Or you only chose to share some of it. Keep the original in a safe place. You might find them useful one day.

  • If you are under 13, please have your parents send a permission slip. See more here (Link)
  • If you choose to share your entry with please edit your entries so they are PG. This is to be fair to others that might read them. And remember the rules of your social network.
  • When sharing remember to use Wisdom. Wisdom comes from God. (James 1:5). So, asked Him before posting. Not every dream or idea is ready for the world to know. There is wisdom in knowing what to share and what not to share. And when or when not to share.
  • Remember that any ideas you share may be used by others. So, if you don’t want an idea to slip away, just keep your response private.
  • If you modify the prompt, please note your modifications in your entry. This will help the readers understand your entry. And may help to give them ideas for their own entries.
  • Share only the parts you want. Keep the original full version in a safe place where you can read it later.

Responding to others

  • Used wisdom when responding to others
  • Please be respectful and kind
  • No hatred or meanspirited comments allow
  • Do not cause strife or provoke disorder in the community
  • Be encouraging, and supporting
  • Used wisdom when responding to others
  • Walk in Agape-Love
  • Asked yourself, “Would Jesus approve of my words”
  • Don’t judge or be discouraging. Don’t correct others. Leave that to God!
  • Don’t point out grammar and spelling errors
  • Used wisdom when responding to others

Rules to remember:

  • Be encouraging, and supporting
  • Walk in Agape-love
  • Used wisdom when sharing and responding to others
  • Note your modifications to the prompt
  • Post a link instead of the full text. Ex. Dropbox, Facebook


Rules to the comment section

Prompt Master List

More Prompts

Feature image contains the following Creative Commons images. (Modified with chalk font)
If you believe that I did not give properly Attribution, please contact me. Other than Creative Commons images, if you believe that I do not have the right to use an image. Please contact me.


Comments and Feedback

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